Michael Bowman

Michael Bowman is the President and Founder of Bowman Financial Group, Inc. Since 1989, his extensive education and passion for working with retirees and pre-retirees has positioned him to effectively educate his clients on creating safe, secure financial solutions in areas such as Retirement, Income, Estate Planning, and Long-Term Care strategies. It is Michael’s mission to assist his clients in the effort of achieving the goals and objectives most important to them, while helping them protect what they have worked so hard to earn. Mike believes that “as we get older, we should be safer with our money.” Investment choices that offer safety and peace of mind are of utmost importance just before and during retirement.

Mike has been happily married to Kristine for over 25 years. He belongs to First Baptist Church in Shelton and is actively involved with the youth group. Besides helping people with their finances, Mike’s passions and hobbies include hunting, fishing, watching and coaching soccer, playing “Bowman basketball,” and spending time with his five kids and grandkids.