Join us for a Complementary Educational Workshop.

At Bowman Financial Group we are committed to helping retirees and pre-retirees Build, Protect and Preserve their assets. Throughout the year we host many complementary dinner events, educational workshops, and now with COVID restrictions, we are hosting Webinars.

Important Topics Include:

  • The 7 Common Financial Tools - Are they suitable for your retirement portfolio?
  • Risk vs. Safety - Age appropriate decisions for your investments
  • Taxes - What tax bracket will you likely be in during retirement, and how does that influence your financial strategy
  • Social Security Benefits - How to maximize your benefits and protect your spouse
  • Long-Term Care - Resolving the dilemma
  • Will I Outlive My Money? – How to plan so that your income will last as long as you do
  • What to know about Medicare


Upcoming Events

More events are on the way! Check back soon for more information.

Past Events

February 25, 2020

6:00p - 7:30p

South Puget Sound Community College - Lacey Campus

Legacy Planning

A six-step process to start leaving your mark on the next generation

September 12, 2019

6:15p - 8:15p

Anthony's Homeport

Educational Dinner Workshop

If there was a significant missing fact that was costing you money, when would you want to find out?

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